BearHaven at the Market

Wendy and here wares at the Thunder Bay Country Market, August 2008

At the Thunder Bay Country Market, August 2008

BearHaven will be selling in 2018 at the Kakabeka Farmers’ Market, just south of Kakabeka Falls on Saturdays, from June 10 to October 6.

BearHaven’s fruits and vegetables are produced without manufactured pesticides. One often sees produce at the market labelled “organic”, “natural” or “ecological”. “Bear” in mind that these labels not only indicate something good about the produce itself, but also about how it has been grown, and how the farmland is managed. When you buy this food, you enjoy great taste and nutrition and also support sustainable land management that will benefit future generations.

Please note that use of the term “Organic” is now closely regulated in Canada – see the Page “Terminology – what’s organic?”.

Feel free to email me suggestions if there is a particular “weird vegetable” you’d like to see on our stand.

See you at the Market!

~Wendy O’Connor